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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Day Package & Service FAQ

1. How do your payment plans work?
The special packages require payment up front the day you book the service. No exceptions for the special packages. I require payment in full because the cost of the package is such a good deal.. it blocks off any other dates that could be booked with the larger packages. With this pricing I prefer to guarantee the date. The other two packages require a 25% deposit. The deposit amounts are $750, and $500. I currently do not offer refunds for any of my packages in the event of cancellation.

2. Do you offer in person consultations?
I am a mother of two, so finding a day to meet and schedule with a sitter is not very easy. I am currently located in Dayton Ohio because my husband is military. I travel every weekend to Indiana for weddings and if I am not traveling for a wedding we travel to spend time with family at the campground in New Carlisle Indiana.  I am more than likely booked on the weekends for weddings. To still be able to offer in person consultations, I  can Skype if that makes you comfortable. :) Otherwise, I prefer to answer questions by message, email, or text.

3. Will you compete with another photographers pricing to capture our day?
I do not offer competitive pricing for my packages. I do offer discounts for services you may not need on the packages. I would also like for my clients to book me based on my style, time, and talent. Also, like yours.. my time is valuable to my family and I ask than you only contact me if you are absolutely interested in booking asap. My goal is to get to know you personally and provide you with a personal experience tailored to you and your fiancé. I am a firm believer in order to create images that capture your day.. we must feel comfortable spending time together and getting to know each other.

4. Do you hold dates?
Yes, I do - With full payment or deposit. Unfortunately with the nature of wedding photography it is a special event on a specific date and I cannot book or hold dates without deposit.

5. Do you travel?
Absolutely! I love to travel. I do it every weekend. I ask that any costs due to travel are either reimbursed or covered for my services if you are outside of Ohio or Indiana. I would love to travel to your destination wedding and capture your big day! If the travel is from Dayton to Indiana.. cost is included. If travel is anywhere other than Indiana.. travel & lodging may apply.

6. Where are you located?
I am located in Dayton Ohio currently but I plan to keep my business in Indiana for the future.

7. Do you offer videography with your Wedding Packages?
Yes I offer this service either stand alone or an add on to your wedding packages. Please inquire within for this pricing & examples of my work.

8. Do you allow me to send you pictures from Pinterest to show you what type of photos I would like for my day?
I do, I am not in any way anti-pintrest. I would love to get an idea of what you are looking for in your wedding photos. Please note, with that being said you are hiring for my style and artistic ability, and no shots are or will be guaranteed from any shots sent to me. I will take into careful consideration to make your vision a reality.

9. What is your turn around time?
For weddings - 2-3 Months is my current turn around time. For regular sessions - 1-2 weeks. Please note, the photos could take an extra month in the event of a busy wedding season or personal events.

10. Do you mind working with animals?
Absolutely! I love animals. I have 3 fur babies of my own.

11. Do you have examples of your work?
Yes! Please visit to view full and preview galleries of my most current work.

12. Do you have a Facebook page?

13. How long is “All day Coverage”?
All day coverage is considered to be a guaranteed 8 hours. I tend to average around 10 hours or a little more depending on the day. I generally show up when the bride specifically starts to get dressed and then I leave around the last important event in the reception. If you have a send off after 10-11 pm.. it is not guaranteed I would be able to stay that late. I do not usually stay all night as guests tend to not like a camera in the their face all night and there is only so many dancing photos one can capture until it is overload ;)

14. Who are your second photographers?
Second Photographers vary based on availability. I usually hire Elena Cuellar, Alyssa Pedraza, and other various talented photographers. The decision on who will be by my side is decided by me.